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Treatment Info

Among our services we offer the following treatments:

We are proud to offer a service as Skin Care Specialist using Collin Resultime with SkinScope Computerised Technology; t
he skin scope is a computerised skin analysis system which used highly advanced camera scope capable of accurately analysing your skin whilst measuring its needs.  Advanced system software within the system guides your therapist to design you a bespoke corrective treatment plan and home care prescription , because getting it right means you will get the results that you really want.....Beautiful skin for life.  

Book in a free consultation and a SkinScope Skin Analysis and start using an excellent and enjoyable journey to a place where your skin will look and feel the way you dreamed.

CACI  Non-Surgical Micro-Current Face Eye & Neck Treatment and Jowl Lift

CACI is a non surgical face and body treatment. CACI is award winning treatments with a huge celebrity following such as Sir Cliff Richard, Madonna, Actress Michelle Collins, Barbara Windsor and Model Lisa Snowden to name but a few. 

CACI has been voted the most effective anti-age treatments available.  The CACI delivers results without surgery and will treat eye bags, fat retention, puffiness, dark circles eyelid droop,  smooth out lines & wrinkle,  expression line and will firm, tone  and lift sagging neck, face and body muscles.  CACI has a huge media following and regularly hits the headlines and is voted the UK`S most effective anti-ageing treatment.  The CACI gives visible  and dramatic results without surgery, anaesthetic or downtime. The UK`S most requested non surgical treatment. A course of 10 treatment course cost: £600.00  Each Individual Facial £60.00 

Our fantastic Autumn offer price: Treatment Time: 60 mins Offer Price: Each Facial 45.00 Course Cost: £450.00 saving of £200.00

(a monthly maintenance facial is recommended at a cost of £60.00) All facials include a free neck and deep tissue shoulder and face massage.

The CACI Jowl Lift   Firms & Tones the jawline - will improve the appearance of sagging jowls - lifts and firms facial contours.
Treatment time: 20 mins Cost: 25.00  The Jowl Lift including Mini Resultime Educational Facial   Cost:35.00  Treatment time: 45 mins
The Jowl Lift added to your maintenance CACI Facial will be charged at the amazing price of £10.00
CACI HYDRATONE GEL HYDRO MASK - a translucent gel face mask infused with intensive moisturising properties will give skin intense hydration and has an instant soothing and calming action on the skin that reduces redness and irritation.  Powerful anti-ageing ingredients help to smooth and soften lines and wrinkles. 

Hydratone Gel Mask  Treatment Time:30 mins Cost: £25.00   The  Hydratone Facial including Mini Resultime Facial Treatment Time:45 mins £35.00  The Hydratone Gel Mask added to your Caci Maintenance Facial will be charged at the amazing price of £18.00.  The Caci Microtone Facial + Jowl Lift + Hydratone will be charge at the amazing price of all three treatments of:£88.00(Treatment time: 90 minutes)
Universal Contour Full Body Wrap
A very natural body wrapping  `process` using bandages that have been soaked in a warm sea clay solution taken from the red sea.  You will  be measured before and after the body wrap.  We guarantee that if you do not lose at least 6" there will be no charge.  A beauty treatment can be carried out whilst in your wrap such as a Resultime Facial or may be  Eyelash Tinting/Eyebrow Shaping or a Jessica File and Paint Fingers and/or Toes.  You may just want to relax with a refreshing drink and a book/magazine or perhaps just close your eyes for an hour.  Treatment time: 2 hours .... £70.00    (A course of 3 paid will receive 10% discount)