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Sonrise Ministries

Ghana Beauty School Project with Sonrise Ministries
Susan has worked with the missionary team from Sonrise Ministries Church in Locks Heath where she has worshipped for 15 years. Teaching the skills of beauty therapy to the young girls in Ghana who have lost there families and leaving them alone with no hope and no future.  Learning beauty skills has given them hope to not only achieve a skill but to help feed themselves and their families.   Sonrise have been supporting a strong and reliable  team of Christian Ministers  financially and practically in the poverty stricken villages of West Africa providing the funds to build an Orphanage, School and a Church as well as a Bakers, a Beauty Salon (Graceful Changes in James Town Ghana).


During the past eight years our vision for Sonrise Ministries to plant churches in Africa has allowed the Lord Jesus to do great and mighty works which have been accomplished through the strength and determination of a small but steadfast, strong, compassionate and praying church.

Sonrise have provided funds for the Ghana team to purchase a small building which will enable them to put the beauty skills they have learned from Susan in to practise.   Susan is proud and excited her students have named the beauty shop Graceful Changes.

Sonrise Ministries support the villages in West Ghanqa by providing food and water to those that are not able to support themselves.  There is much more to do and many more lives to save and support but we trust in our prayers for them and know that they will be answered.

Susan has visited West Ghana in 2007,2008 and 2010.  Jesus said: "The work that I have started I will finish" ,but I need those that the Lord has spoken to help me by sponsoring this mission to enable me to go back to Ghana this year.  If anyone would like to help in any way practically or financially please contact Susan on 02380 685880  A container and a team are going out 2014 and would welcome items of  good clothing, electrical items, ladies, men and children`s shoes and toys etc.  Please contact the above contact number or go to our website: SonRiseChurch@sonriseuk.

Thank you dear clients and freinds for all the support you have given me to enable us to support the young girls, children and families that our faced every day with life in the poverty stricken villages in West Ghana.   We want you to know that all that you give to us is pray-fully given to each area of need.  Sonrise Ministries Ghana team is led by Rev Mary Lissamer and works closely with the Ghana Pastor`s in Ghana to ensure that all that is given will grow and become a harvest.  


Rev Mary Lissamer has returned to Ghana with a small team  Bishop Susan Chan and Sonrise Ministries Elder Anne Binns.  There Mission was to bring Spiritual and Physical healing to the people of James Town, Anaya and Qrocachet.   This mission was blessed as many were healed and set free and made ready to move in the annointing through prayer and prophesy.

Graceful changes clients gracefully gave £40.00  to  " Pins & Needles  Team of the Sonrise Mission to teach Girls and ladies to learn to sew.   Thank you to all of you from Graceful Changes and Sonrise Ministies and especially from the Pins and Needles team in Ghana. May the Lord Bless you all and may His light shine upon you all.

We would welcome your visit to our church where you will enjoy wonderful Holy Spirit led worship and hear Rev Mary give a powerful sermon.  Please join Sonrise Ministries at Abshot Community Centre Abshot Rd Locks Heath for Holy Spirit led worship with gentle, sensitive ministry.  Come and join us you will be welcomed with the love of Jesus.     

Service every Sunday at 10.30am.  We have house groups and prayer meetings to pray for needs such as our families, our ministry and to pray into the concerns of the world and those in spiritual, physical and practical needs.  We welcome any prayer request please contact us on our email address or just come to meet us on our Sunday morning service.