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Luxury Hand Treatments by Jessica

Jessica Nails

Incorporates the Le-Remedi products into an already intense treatment. These products are specifically designed to work on improving the production of collagen and elastin in the skin,therefore giving your hands more of a youthful look. The LeRemedi also works on pigmentation marks,age spots etc. If the products are used at home you will see a definite change in texture and look on your hands.

Once the mask has been applied your therapist will slip your hands into heated mittens to help the mask penetrate the skin and help with any aches and pains and give you an extra bit of relaxation.

The cuticles are treated,nails are expertly cut & filed,a luxury hand & arm massage is also included in the treatment. Your therapist will then apply a basecoat to treat your nail type,followed by two coats of colour,top priority to seal and protect the colour, then brilliance top coat to give a superb gloss finish.

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Incorporates the original prescriptive manicure with either the le-remedi products which work on improving the look,texture and any pigmentation marks that might occur or heated mittens which help the products used to penetrate the skin and can help with any kind of aches and pains.

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Nails are not alike - this is a treatment manicure which will analyse and treat each nail and its specific nail type. An exfoliare is carried out and cuticles are cared for with oils and creams. The nail shape is perfected and finally treatment basecoat's and colour are applied for the perfect finish untill your next visit.
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Hands age quickly, more quickly than the face - a luxury and effective treatment for the hands including hand cleanse, exfoliare, masque and liposome serum. These products work on improving the products of elastin & collogen and will aid in the fight against pigmentation. Hands will feel softer, smoother, firmer and more attractive. The ultimate treatment in hand care.
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A French manicure can be added to all Jessica Prescriptive Manicures and Pedicures for an extra charge of 2.50

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A luxury maintenance pedicure to include thermal booties to give deeper penetration of oils and creams which is especially good for hard skin,stiff joints and poor circulation.

Once the booties are removed your therapist will treat you to a luxury foot and leg massage.

After hard skin is professionally removed your feet will be soaked in a bath of green tea or ginger. Your nails and cuticles will be tidied and a repair cream is applied to the foot.

Once your therapist is finished you will feel like you are walking on air.

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Firstly your therapist will asses your nail type and decide which base coat to use. From there any hard skin is removed and your feet are soaked in either green tea or ginger bath. Then comes the treat,luxury foot and leg massage and a heel repair cream. Your cuticles and nails are trimmed and tidied. Your basecoat is then applied,two coats of colour, top priority to seal and protect and last but not least brilliance top coat to give a glossy finish.

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