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Ladies Stress Relieving Body Massage will include a free decollete, neck face, head/scalp massage

Treatment Cost: £69.00 Treatment Time: 80 mins

Ladies Resultime Full Body Massage

RESULTIME FULL BODY MASSAGE TREATMENT This massage body massage treatment is performed by your therapist to achieve the desired results of each individual. Nourishing massage oils is used to nourish dry and dehydrated winter skin/ Hands and feet is included in this treatment. Audio Sonic can be added if necessary. A choice of a essential oil can be available for a small extra cost of £6.00 SPRING OFFER: Treatment Cost: £69.00 Treatment Time: 80 Mins

Don't worry guys we wont paint your nails pink,unless thats what you want. We use a matt nail treatment which will protect and nourish the nail.

We do offer more intensive treatments for those hands that need a bit more tlc. These treatments work more on the skin of the hands. There is a lot more product used and you have the option of using heated mitts,which helps the products to penertrate the skin. So it's brilliant for anyone that has a more demanding,manual job where their hands suffer.

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A sea salt scrub will eliminate rough 'dry' skin followed by a full body massage to warm the skin. You are enveloped in a warm blanket to ensure the warmth stays within you. Relax in an atmosphere of candlelit serenity while your therapist cleanses the skin and performs a Collin's Warm Parafin Wax Eye Treatment. This treatment finishes with an invigorating awakening balm and a treatment cream for your face.
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A firm remedial massage, breaking down tension modules, and encouraging toxins into the lymphatic system to be eliminated from the body.

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A superb treatment to exfoliate,deep cleanse and soothe congested skin. A relaxing and refreshing corrective treatment.
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A sea salt scrub to eliminate rough dry skin, then to warm the skin a full body massage, including the scalp and forehead is performed. You will then be enveloped in lemon vebena paste to ensure the warmth stays in you. Relax for a further 10 minutes, gently sliip in a candlelit haven for the ultimate tranquil experience.   
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Matthew Mc Len-Howels is a trained fitness instructor and sports injuries therapist. Please ask for of daytime and evening appointments which can be arranged. A consultation will be neccassary at your first visit before your treatment can take place.
Session length:
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Instant Radiance Facial, Collins Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage, Jessica Prescriptive Manicure and Zen Spa Pedicure.

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