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Inspired by major medical and cosmetic surgery procedures. A resurfacing treatment that promotes'new skin' growth. Excellent for wrinkle reduction, acne scarring, dull lifeless skin and sun damage. Your metamorphisis is now possible. The treatment offers the most visible transformation you can obtain with aesthetic treatments. It will erase dead cells and relaunch cell renewal. The global effect on celluler and tissular regeneration brings immediate and long term effectiveness. Beautiful and young looking skin 20-80 years. Suitable for all skin types except extemely sensitive. Resultime Multi Protection Treatment (SPF30) is advised to following the treatment. Treatment is sold individually or as a course of 3 - 6.

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A treatment developed for fagile and sensitive issues, your skin will be calmed, soothed, strengthened and more able to defend itself against premature ageing.  You will be indulged in 60 minutes of pure bliss and experience two Katherine Daniels relaxation sequences whilst your kin recives the ultimate result-driven treatment. 

Single Treatment:
Course of 3 Treatments:
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The dual objective treatment:  Wrinkle and Radiance.  This professional treatment combines a 15% content of pure vitamin C,  a radiance restorer, with 100% native collagen and a wrinkle repairer, for smoothing efficacy.  This treatment kick starts the natural anti-age-ing of the skin.  Extreme levels of hydration are put back into the skin whilst a natural protection against the damaging effects of UVA amd UVB are Observed.  Proven efficiency - Within 1 hour wrinkle reduction by up to 30. 5% and increased radiance by up to 80%.  Treatmenat Time: 1 Hour

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A treatment developed to deep cleanse and detosify your skin, leaving you looking dewy and luminous with a refined skin texture and resuction in pore size.   Your skin will be indulged in 60 minutes of pure bliss and you will enjoy three Katherine Daniels relaxation sequences. 

Not recommended for very sensitive couperose skins, (very red, angry, flushed skins) however a course of Katherine Daniels Age Defense Sensitive Skin Treatment is advised for fragile sensitive issues where your skin will be calmed, soothed and strengthened and more able to defend itself against the environment and premature ageing therefore preparing the skin for the Deep Cleanse Skin Treatment.  Please book a free consultation with your therapist at Graceful Changes to discuss the correct treatment to achieve the  desired results  for your skin.  

Courses of 3 treatments :
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Developed Especially for the 40 year plus client of if you wish to visibly reduce lines and wrinkles, lift and firm your skin and give your face back a youthful shape.  Brand new active ingredients and technology work as a cellular coach to porolong the life of your cells.  Clinica tests = Skin firmness +90%  Wrinkle reduction +80%   Skin Restructured + 95%  The Skin complexion is bright and luminous  +  100%          Treatment time 1 Hour


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The ideal starting point to ensure your skin receives what it needs at the beginning of your journey into specialised skincare and beautiful skin for life.  After which, your personal beauty prescription will be designed for you.    A refreshing and relaxing facial will be performed which will include deep cleanse, toning of the skin, resultime soft deep grain free exfoliating mask.  A treatment serum chosen to correct and treat your immediate skin care needs followed by a nourishing soothing treatment massage including the neck and shoulders.  A treatment mask will be applied whilst a relaxing Jessica hand massage will performed.  A treatment serum eye treatment and day or night cream will leave your skin feeling and looking soft and radiant.

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A quick and effective facial treatment to deep cleanse and exfoliate, hydrate, nourish and revitalise tired dull skins.   Ideal treatment for those with limited time and budget.

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This treatment bathes the skin with extreme hydrating properties.  The skin is visibly plumped full of vitality, suppleness and comfort is regained and dehydration lines are immediately erased, whilst the vital functions of a healthy skin are re-ignited.  Your skin will look and feel refreshed and revitalised.  Highly recommended for all skin types and at anytime throughout the year.  Recommended Course of three or six treatments to obtain the optimal results  - 1 per week 

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Course of 3 treatments:
Course of 6 treatments:
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A calming facial to soothe and strengthen the most sensitive skins. Will reduce red, sensitive skin instantly, whilst nourishing your skin giving you a refreshed, glowing complexion which is refreshed and comfortable. (A course of 3 -6 recommended) your therapist will access your skin and advise on a treatment plan.  SkinScope Skin analysis is available can be given when booked in with a Corrective or Essential Facial Treatment. (see front page on our SkinScope computerised skin analysis system).

Treatment time: 1hour

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Using specific facial techniques in conjunction with a combination of slimming and toning applications.  The CACI Quantum works to restore and redefine facial muscles, reducing lines and wrinkles.   Caci Micro-Mode - uses a tiny micro current which helps to tone, lift and re-educate the muscles back to their original position.  Proper firmness is re-established through the non-surgical procedure by correcting the sagging muscle, which in turn corrects the sag of the skin. 

The Caci Micro-Mode- also works on improving the skin tissue e.g:- Acne scarring; blemishes; sun-damaged skin; dry, dehydrated skin;problematic oily skin.  IT also softens wrinkles and works to generally improve the skin's texture and tone.  Caci Micro-Mode is an extremely relaxing and uplifting treatment not only leaves your skin more youthful and radiant but will give you a feeling of well being and calmness after each facial.


 (To obtain maximum results Caci instant firming serum electro-buds are recommended at an extra cost of 5.00)

Caci Facial - 1 hour:
Super Caci Facial - 1 hour 30 mins:
Hydratone Mask :
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This innovative treatment uses gentle micro-current stimulus to reduce lines and wrinkles and lift and firm the eyelid.  Your delicate eye area will be radiant, lines diminshed (by over 40% and puffiness and dark shadows reduced.        Recommended course: 4 treatments         Treatment time: 1 hour

Single Treatment:
Course of 3 Treatments:
Course of 6 Treatments:
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Course of 10-12 is recommended to achieve desired results. Cell renewal will be encouraged, muscles around the eye area will be re-educated to lift and firms smoothing out wrinles, broes will be lifted and firmed giving a youthful and fresh appearance. A must to prevent the need for eye surgery or to maintain and prevent further surgery. (A 10% discount will be given on all courses paid.)

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A Katherine Daniels Tailor made to give your skin a substantial treat, ideal when time of of the essence.  Includes exfoliation, massage and mask to suit your skin's need.

Treatment time: 45 minutes

single treatment:
A Course of 3 Treatments:
A course of 6 Treatments:
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