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Katherine Daniels Body Silk Scrub

Soft, silky, beautiful skin, removes dead skin cells and radiates the body. 'Ideal' before and after tanning to encourage and prolong your natural colour. After exfoliation, moisturising fluid is gently massaged into the skin.

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A deep cleansing treatment for the whole back and those suffering from 'conjested of acne problems' Simple as a post of pre-summer deep cleanse. Available singularly or corrective courses of up to 8 treatments. Ask your therapist for advise.
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The ultimate luxury this wonderful massage easily absorbed, non-greasy leaving no trace on the skin, slimulates the circulation, refreshes, decongests and relaxes tired legs and feet. The perfect treatment to begin or finish any day.

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A full body massage will be given to ensure ultimate relaxation.  90mins of pampering including neck face and scalp massage using Katherine Daniels nourishing massage treatment.

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A relaxing massage treatment that will release muscle tension, break down those painful tension knots and release lactid acid from the muscles.   Treatment will finish with a Katherine Daniels neck and chest massage finishing with a firming,rejuvenating face and scalp massage,   Treatment will be given to suit individual needs and can be adapted to obtailn maximum desired results.


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Remedial Back Massage to break down crystal deposits in tension areas such as neck and shoulders. Deep tissue massage and spinal pressure is used to dispurse toxins.  For maximum results a course of 3 -6 treatments are recommended.   

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The Katherine Daniels Neck Face Scalp  & Shoulder Massage

This facial treatment is the ultimate in relaxation.   Muscle tension will be gently massaged away whilst your skin will be nourished, hydrated and revitalised.  You will leave feeling rrefreshed and totally pampered.            Treatment time: 40 mins

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