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A relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage - using Katherine Daniels facial massage cream which melts effortlessly into the skin whilst delivering hydrating and nourishing engredients, such as:

Plant Waxes, Mimosa and Jojoba - Nurishing and allows massage comfort

Brown Seaweed Osmolyte - Prevents dehydraton

Sunflower Oil and Triglycerides - Suppleness, Comforting, Nourishing and Hydrating Salon Treatment only

Retail Home Care: A Nourishing Hydrating Body Balm. A rich buttery texture brings comfort and immediate hydration to all skin types.

Skin Hydration increased by 39%

Katherine Daniels Cosmetics Body Treatments

The Katherine Daniels Beautifully abaritish Concept offers salon treatments and homecare products for your body as well as your face. From relaxation and skin nuturing sessions. Your daily regime in care for your body in between salon visits will be uncomplicated with outstanding results. We know that somtimes the sun does shine down on us, so when it does, you can be prepared to bare your skin with total confidence. (See Katherine Daniel Body Treatments) All body treatments in December and January 2018 will be pampered with a Katherine Daniels Face, Neck, Shoulder and Head massage with a KD Nourishing Skin Treatment. (See Offer Above)